Travellers Information

Community-Based Tourism (CBT) in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan, is a part of a broader initiative aimed at connecting travelers directly with local communities through various immersive experiences. This initiative allows tourists to engage in authentic local interactions by staying in homestays, participating in organized treks, skiing trips, and receiving general advice directly from the locals. The main offices for CBT in Naryn serve not just as formal tourist information centers but often are integrated within local homestays, making the travel experience deeply personal and unique.

CBT in Naryn is designed to offer tourists off-the-beaten-path tours, ensuring they stay closely connected with the local population. Through a network of residents who are willing to open their homes, CBT groups provide visitors with not only a place to stay but also an opportunity to enjoy local meals, listen to the tranquility of the countryside, and savor local specialties prepared by host families. This initiative offers a learning experience about the local way of life, offering a personal touch that goes beyond the conventional hotel stay.

The primary goal of Community-Based Tourism in Naryn, similar to the wider objectives across Kyrgyzstan, is twofold: to preserve the local environment and to uphold local traditions. This is achieved through the support of Helvetas, a Swiss NGO acting on behalf of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), which focuses on improving the living conditions of economically and socially disadvantaged people, especially in rural areas. Initiated in 1995, the project initially aimed to support rural women in starting and expanding businesses, with a narrowed focus on tourism due to resource limitations.

CBT Naryn, as part of the KCBTA, embodies the essence of community-based tourism by involving local communities in tourism, ensuring the preservation of their environment and traditions, and improving their living standards through income generation from tourism activities. This collaborative model not only benefits the local communities economically but also enriches the travel experience for visitors by offering genuine insights into the Kyrgyz way of life.