Kyrgyzstan – Border Permit

What is the Border Zone of Kyrgyzstan?

The border zone in the Naryn region of Kyrgyzstan represents a unique and somewhat restricted area, rich in untouched natural landscapes and cultural heritage. This region, lying close to the international borders with China and Kazakhstan, encompasses territories that have been designated as border zones following agreements between these neighboring countries. Notably, along the Kyrgyzstan-China frontier, a border strip extending 50 kilometers from the actual border was established, a practice dating back to the era of the USSR, reflecting the cautious stance adopted during times of tense international relations.

Within the confines of the Naryn region’s border zone, several military checkpoints are strategically placed to monitor and control movement. These checkpoints serve a crucial role in safeguarding national security, with military personnel diligently inspecting individuals entering or leaving the area. The requirement of a special permit for access is strictly enforced; without it, entry is barred for all, including local residents. This measure ensures that only authorized persons can explore these pristine areas, preserving their untouched beauty and maintaining the integrity of the border.

Border Zone Permit for accessing destinations nearby the Chinese border

Some of our tour destinations are within the Kyrgyz Border Zone. To go over there requires a Border Zone Permit which is issued by the Kyrgyz authorities.

The Border Zone is a strip of about 50km established along the Kyrgyz-Chinese Border. This zone is home to some of the most beautiful destinations and national parks. For example the endemic lake Chatyr Kol or the fascinating Kel Suu.

About the permit

We offer you to obtain the necessary access permits. Usually, the permit will be valid for 4 weeks.

Give us one week to process your permit.
In urgent cases we may do express processing for delivery within two days on Monday till Friday for extra charge. Please keep in mind that the required state offices are closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. This means, for example, that if you order the border zone permit on a Friday, you can pick it up on Tuesday.

Please note that the permit is a physical piece of paper which has to be carried in original (Stamps and signatures).

Areas covered by the permit

We offer a permit which covers the following areas

Issyk Kul Region

  • Kel-Suu lake
  • Chatyr-Kol lake
  • Aksay valley
  • Arpa valley
  • Torugart (check point)
  • Karkyra valley
  • Echikilitash (check point)
  • Enilchek town
  • Inylchek glacier
  • Karasay (check point)
  • Ak-Shyirak village
  • Sary-Jaz mountains range
  • Khan-Tengri National Park
  • Peak Lenin
  • Chong Kemin national park

Please note that due to the current situation at the Tadjik border no border zones permits for Batken region are availabe

How to order

We need a scan or photo of the picture page of your passport. If you are traveling as a group we need everybodies passport scan. You can send the scans to us by WhatsApp or by e-mail.

We further need to know the desired start date of your border zone permit. Please keep in mind that it takes one week to prepare them.

Let us know for which regiones you want to have a permit: Naryn only or all mentioned zones.

Pickup of the permit

Usually, the your border zone permit is ready for pick-up at:

  • for multiple region permit at our Silkroad Guesthouse in Bishkek, Ak Muz Street 47. The guesthouse is close to the main bus station.
  • for Naryn-only region at our CBT office in Naryn, 8 Lenin Street, Apartment 33.

Upon request we may have your permit ready for pickup also at Osh or Yssik-Kol. Please contact us by WhatsApp for details.


Pay total amount;

  • Naryn region standard processing time (1 week) per person 25.00 EURO
    Pickup in Naryn CBT-Office.
  • Multiple regions standard processing time (1 week) per person 25.00 EURO
    Pickup in Silkroad Guesthouse in Bishkek.
  • Express handling permit multiple zones per person 30.00 EURO
    Pickup in Silkroad Guesthouse in Bishkek.

We need your payment in advance. You can use PayPal.