Community Based Tourism (CBT) is like a cooperative, where the local community is involved into development and management of the touristic destination, and the benefit remains within the community. Members of the CBT are ordinary people who provide with accommodation, food, music, art, crafts, transportation and diverse shows, master classes not on business purposes but in daily life. Hence, CBT gives travelers authentic visits inside homes, yurt camps, villages while they are hosted at families and services are bought from. Obviously it includes rules to assure quality, safety and reliability. The coordinator of a local CBT is elected from the local CBT members. He / she is acting in the name of the community members.

CBT Naryn is one of 15 community based tourist information centers throughout Kyrgyzstan that started its activity since 2000. The main mission of community based tourism is to improve the living conditions of people in remote mountain regions of Kyrgyzstan by developing rural tourism without harming the natural environment and culture of local people.

Why Choose CBT Naryn

CBT Naryn office in Naryn city, Kyrgyzstan operates as a Tourist Information Center and open for all travellers. It should be your first stop when you arrive in Naryn. We provide information regarding accommodation, transportation, permits, tour products, places where you can receive medical and security assistance, guidance around Naryn city and Naryn region for all travellers on a free of charge basis. If interested we organize bookings of the abovementioned services too.

In our work we:

  • support local communities by involving them into tourism development
  • support principles of ecotourism
  • unrivalled opportunities to explore alpine lakes, waterfalls, jailoos (green valleys) on foot or horseback riding
  • authentic stays in real yurts with real families, feel the nomad culture

How the Quality is Assured

To provide quality services we organize trainings to new members. We put rules on what shall be our standards. We listen what travellers have to tell us. Our mission statement is focused to our guests well-being.

How Prices are Set

As a community we set our prices at the annual general meeting. We meet before the season starts; our prices are set for the current year and are binding for all community members. That means our prices are not subject to negotiations. You can have a look at our price table here or visit our office.

CBT Naryn is a registered non-profit organization

The idea of CBT was brought to Kyrgyzstan by the Swiss development agency Helvetas in order to allow people in rural Kyrgyzstan and remote areas to take a share in the tourist business.

Unlike big tourism companies, the revenue from our work remains with our partners, in regions.

Our service providers live nearby and are available for assistance of any kind. However, please be aware that English or other foreign languages are not standard among Kyrgyz population. To equip yourself with tips, visit Practical Travel Information.

Meet the Team

Coordinator Gulira

Gulira Kenjekaraeva is CBT Naryn Coordinator. Born and studied in Naryn town, Gulira loves her job. She feels like she found her mission: being the ambassador of her home town to other cultures and help tourists discover beauties of Naryn region. Gulira speaks English and Kyrgyz. She’s always smiling, happy, open to new things and very helpful. Fast and furious, Gulira is often seen in different places at once. The fastest way to contact her is messaging in WhatsApp.

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