Plenty of things to do are waiting for you

We put all our activities to the map. Feel free to browse the map of Naryn region.


Steep pathes, sunny meadows - Our hiking trails are waiting

Mountains, rugged and steep or gentle and lovely invite you to hike. There are all levels of difficulty and wonderful experiences await the hiker or mountaineer on all routes.

You can choose between guided walks or make your own way.

The universal means of transport

Horses in Kyrgyzstan

For sure: The horse is a very important means of transportation in Kyrgyzstan. Out of town you will recognize that horses are on duty in daily life. Children growing up in villages and jailoos learn how to ride a horse a soon as they know how to walk.

We offer some tours on horse back that let you encouter this Kyrgyz way of life. Don't be afraid; even the horses spend all their life being free on the pastures they are easy to ride.

Kyrgyz food is the expression of our hospitality

There are many delicious dishes in Kyrgyzstan. From the many different ethnicities a very varied cuisine comes together.

Whether from the Dungan, the Russians or the Turkic peoples: they all taste good.

Kyrgyz tradition and culture is alive in everydays life

You want to learn about the Kyrgyz culture? It's a century old tradition from nomadic tribes roaming the Tien Shan mountains. They developed many fascinating habits which are subject to our cultural presentations.

We invite you to experience our daily life and culture. The old traditions are alive in our everyday life and you can participate.

There are several in Naryn Oblast worth to visit. Take our services to get out there.
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