The yurt is the mobile home of the Kyrgyz. In summer, when the lifestock is grazing on the high mountain pastures, the yurt is the place to stay for the sheperd's family. It is erected every spring and taken down in autumn.

Hence, the yurt shall be easy to transport and set-up. But, however, it is not like our nowadays, lightweight trekking tents. Have a look at the procedure to make a home in the mountains.

A home for the sheperd's family

'Yurt' is the russian word for what is called 'Boz Üy' in Kyrgyz (Kirg: боз үй); it translates to Grey House. When you look at a typical yurt in the mountains you may understand the origin of that name.

For the summer month the yurt becomes the place to stay. Usually, going down to the valley on a daily schedule takes too much effort. So the whole life happens at around 3,000 m height. Everybody is sleeping on his / her place alltogether.

In the morning the nightstand is converted into a living room. The mattresses are collected and a table is put.

All natural materials: Wood, felt, leather

A yurt is made from materials which the nature provides. The roof and walls are from felt, the structure is wooden. Inside the stove of course is iron. Nowadays one will notice gas bottles and plastic dishes as a concession to an ease of life.

However, it will be hard to find a nail or screw in a place important for structure.

The yurt is a cozy place, whether the sun is burning down, it's raining or even hell is freezing... The felt provides natural air conditioning. If heating is required: Cow's dung is everywhere.

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