Local dishes

You may choose one of the following main dishes.
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  • Kuurdak (fried meat with potatoes)
  • Manty (steamed ravioli with beef)
  • Gulchatay (soup with beef, potato, pastry)
  • Plov (fried beef with carrots)
  • Dymdama (stewed vegetables with meat)
  • Beshbarmak (boiled beef with noodles)
  • Lagman (fried vegetables and beef with spaghetti)
  • Shorpo (soup with beef, potatoes and carrot)
  • Ragu (fried vegetables and beef)
  • Kesme (soup with beef and noodles)
  • Borsch (soup with cabbage and beef)
  • Ravioli with sour cream

Vegetarian dishes

  • Shchi (soup with cabbage or sorrel)
  • Varenik (ravioli with fruit or potato or cottage cheese)
  • Noodles with fried eggs
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