After an eventful day, tired and hungry, it is nice to have a comfortable place for the night. It is even better to stay with friends. Whether you have chosen a guesthouse, live with a Kyrgyz family's homestay or sleep in a yurt on the summer pastures: Everywhere you will experience the typical Kyrgyz hospitality.

In Naryn City most of the CBT tourist accommodations are guesthouses and located in housing areas. You will stay were people like you and me live. All of our guest houses offer breakfast and on request also lunch and dinner.

Visit the Song Kol Yurt Camp

Visit the Tash Rabat Yurt Camp

Visit the Kol Suu

Local dishes

You may choose one of the following main dishes.
Our prices

  • Kuurdak (fried meat with potatoes)
  • Manty (steamed ravioli with beef)
  • Gulchatay (soup with beef, potato, pastry)
  • Plov (fried beef with carrots)
  • Dymdama (stewed vegetables with meat)
  • Beshbarmak (boiled beef with noodles)
  • Lagman (fried vegetables and beef with spaghetti)
  • Shorpo (soup with beef, potatoes and carrot)
  • Ragu (fried vegetables and beef)
  • Kesme (soup with beef and noodles)
  • Borsch (soup with cabbage and beef)
  • Ravioli with sour cream

Vegetarian dishes

  • Shchi (soup with cabbage or sorrel)
  • Varenik (ravioli with fruit or potato or cottage cheese)
  • Noodles with fried eggs


Breakfast is included in the price
You may choose one of the following main dishes.

  • Fried or boiled eggs
  • Porridge with milk
  • Pancake with sour cream
  • Omelette

Tea or coffee, sugar, jam, butter and bread are served together.

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