Border Zone Permit for accessing destinations nearby the Chinese border

Some of our tour destinations are within the Kyrygz Border Zone. To go over there requires a Border Zone Permit which is issued by the Kyrgyz authorities. We offer you assistance obtaining this permit.

Please refer to the information we have compiled for our guests.

Where is the Border Zone and for which destinations I need a permit?

The border zone is a strip about 20 .. 80 km wide along the Chinese border. The boundary is largely inaccessible and is therefore not fully defined.

You need a permit for the following destinations:

  • Chatyr Kol by car or via Tash Rabat
  • Whole Ak Say valley
  • Kel Suu including Jyrgal's yurt camp
  • Torugart border crossing

You don't need permit if you hike or ride from Tash Rabat to Panda Pass; the point from where you have a marvellous sight on the Chatyr Kol but don't descend.

You also don't needpermit if you go to Torugart border crossing in order to go to China and haveChinese Visa. In this case you must not stop at Chatyr Kol or any other place. It's only to go directly on the street.

What do I have to consider when entering the border zone?

When you go for the border zone you have to take with you:

  • The permit itself
  • The passport (no copy) upon which the permit has been issued (same passport number)
  • No drones or weapons (hunting,...)

You will be checked when entering the border zone on one of the official roads. However, the military patrols the area and also examines hikers who are encountered by such patrols.

How do I obtain a permit and how much to pay?

The permit is issued by the Kyrygz militsiya (милиция).

We assist you in obtaining a permit. Please fill the form and send to us via Internet or visit our office.

  • Regularly, it takes three days to prepare a permit.
  • We charge 1,400 KGS or 20 USD
  • Price for obtaining one permit includes official fees and charges for our services
  • The permit is valid for two weeks
  • All destinations reachable from Naryn CBT are covered by this permit
  • You may enter and leave the border zone multiple times

OK, I want to get a permit! How?

You have two options:

  • You have enough time
    1. From the Internet or in our office fill this form
    2. Pay cash in our office
    3. After three days pick up your permit
  • You are in a hurry
    1. From the Internet fill our form in advance
    2. Pay by PayPal or to an European bank account (Information provided on request
    3. On the agreed date come to our office and pick up your permit

NOTE: We still need three days but we can start when you are not yet in Naryn.

NOTE 2: Fees for permits are not refundable.

Unfortunatly, it has happened several times that nobody showed up to get the ready permits but we had to pay for the offical fees. Therefore, please understand that we start the process only when payment is done.

Using this webform you are confirming that you have read and understood the regulations above.

Please note that Jirgals Yurt Camp at Kel Suu lake will close by October, 20th.

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