Remember -- you are not visiting a Zoo

This is a message to all bloggers and story-tellers. We love to read about your visit to our country, about your adventures and encounters. It's wonderful to know that you have had a pleasant time with us. To be honest: When you are writing about us it is fueling our efforts.

Of course we know that not everything is going as it should. If you have to criticize our services, if you want us to change something you are also welcome to share it with the community.

However, there is one point we want to mention: You may get close to us during your visit. Maybe you are invited to share a family's life for some days, maybe we start to have close conversation about very personal topics. Eventually some of our traditions and habits attract your attention. In these cases, please, consider well what you are going to put into the public. Not all private stuff belongs there.

Sometimes we are roaming the internet and have to find in written words some thoughts which we exchanged with a traveller we became a little bit more close. This is annoying. It is more annoying to ask friendly for removing and nothing happens.

We love to continue to make friends with foreigners. We do not want to stop inviting them to our houses and sharing our style of life. But we do not want to be put on the billboard.

Thank you very much for understanding

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