Salkyn Tor gorge

Salkyn Tor is a national park located about 12 km. East of Naryn City. The entrance to the park is about 2 km. From the arch on the main road and there are toilets and picnic facilities near the entrance. A beautiful river runs the length of the park.


The hiking trail runs along the river and runs from the entrance area. You cross three pedestrian bridges in the first couple of kilometers of the hike. Once past the third bridge, the trail continues, crossing the river at several points. At a river crossing, watch carefully for the path on the other side, as it can be difficult to spot. There are many nice camping spots along the way, and the river is never far from the path.

At about 10 km there is a sheperds' camp in a grove of pines on the east side of the river. It's concealed in the pines, so you may miss it. Above that camp, the trail disappears, and it's a rocky scramble up to treeline. At the treeline, the river splits, but both sides go up to glacier, which is the source of the river. There is a beautiful open valley at the top. Snow bridges covered the river at several spots in late June, and there is lots of snow at the top.


Distance (one way):13 kilometers
  GPS:41º26'34.5”N, 76º11'3.4”E
  Elevation:2,167 meters
  GPS:41º22'17”N, 76º13'34.6”E
  Elevation:3,221 meters
Total elevation gain (one way):1,690 meters
Total elevation loss (one way):660.5 meters
Difficulty:4 (fairly challenging, but no technical climbing)...


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