Eki Naryn yurt camp

This hike starts at Akel's Yurt Camp, just over the second automobile bridge after (north) of the village of Eki Naryn. There are many jeep and trekking paths in the area, and they all lead to beautiful pastures.


From Akel's Yurt Camp, start out on the jeep path into the mountains. You can continue to follow the jeep path, or head up one of the steeper but faster footpaths. Just above the tree line you will reach a broad plateau. From there, there are many paths into the jailoos (pastures) and surrounding mountains.



Distance (one way):3.45 kilometers
  GPS:41º35'11.66”N, 76º26'37.8”E
  Elevation:2,356.4 meters
  GPS:41º34'42.78”N, 76º25'39”E
  Elevation:2,740 meters
Total elevation gain (one way):116.13 meters
Total elevation loss (one way):27.37
Difficulty:2 (easy hike, some modest climbing).
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