Places in Naryn

Interested in some sightseeing? Or want to enjoy the nature close to Naryn? Take one the rich destinations around Naryn for an excursion. You want to do some sightseeing in Naryn?

OK, Naryn is not Rome, Paris or New York. Here, you will not find sightseeing spots like other place. However, Naryn has still something to offer.

Here we collected the places to go.

The Blue Mosque is located in the western part of Naryn at the main street.

Have a rest

The "Seitaaly Jakypov Park" is nicknamed 'Smart Park' or 'Internet Park'; it is a donation from the Aga Khan Development Network and was established in connection with the University of Central Asia in 2016.

Where history springs alive

The Historical-Ethnological Museum (Историко-этнографический музей) shows how the Kyrgyz people formed from the 40 tribes; how the Kyrgyz people lived in Nomad times, their clothes, tools and yurtas.

Have a nice shopping

The eastern stretch of Lenin Street is called '64' (Altymysh Tort; Алтымыш төрт) because the buildings have been erected in 1964. Here, along Lenin Street a small fruit market has established.