Traditional Kyrygz felt is used for almost everything the sheperds and farmers need for their daily live. The covering of their Yurts, the flooring with carpets, the cushions to sit, the headwear in summer and winter...

The list of usecases of felt products is long. In our presention we show how the craft pieces suitable as souvernirs are produced.


The Shyrdak (Kyrg.: шырдак) is a carpet which is used inside the yurt. Usually, it is made from a double layer of felt. Rich ornaments, cut from felt of another color, are sewed onto the base felt.

In our presentation we show how to cut the ornamental pieces, arrange them and finally sewing them to a beautiful masterpiece.

Ala Kis

Ala Kis (Kyrg.:ала кийиз) is the raw felt material, made from pure sheeps wool. After cleaning the wool it may be dyed with natural colors. Unlike the shyrdak, on the ala kis the ornaments are layout out as patterns of dyed wool (without sewing).

The wool strands are designed into patterns and layed onto a reed mat (Kyrg.:чий), wrapped up and turned over and over. During this process, the roll of reed and wool is watered with hot water and kicked by feet to maintain the felting process.

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