Craft your own keepsake souvenir during this workshop, working alongside a master Kyrgyz craftswoman.
Interface and learn from local artisans the symbolism represented by traditional designs, patterns, colors and more during this workshop.

Visit a local artisan collective to see amazing skill and products available for purchase during your workshop!


It is said that the best wool around the country stems from Naryn. Felt making, and handicraft production, continues to play an important role across the oblast, and Naryn artisans continue rich traditions dating back centuries through symbolic designs, patterns, colors and more. The Kyrgyz Uuz Handicraft Union is a womens’ collective in Naryn that provides employment opportunities to more than 20 artisan women across the region.

The collective

The collective has its shop in Naryn city, serving the interests of all its members by providing an outlet to domestic / international markets, but perhaps more importantly in taking effort to educate younger generations to preserve this important tradecraft as part of Kyrgyz culture.

Come experience and participate in this unique and skilled tradecraft, and take away a memory and your own souvenir!


Theme: Crafts Workshop
Duration: 1 hour for Ala Kiyiz, small shyrdak or hairbraid
  3 hours for larger shyrdak
Type: Cultural heritage
Schedule: Upon reservation
Minimum number
of participants:
Location: Naryn city


Price per person: 750 KGS

Price includes

Guide services
(English and Russian)

Souvenir take away (one piece, to be decided at point of booking)
All materials to make your souvenir are provided

What you have to bring

  • Be curious!

Shyrdak making requires sewing skill and duration depends on participant abilities.

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