Kyrgyz Culture

You want to learn about the Kyrgyz culture? It's a century old tradition from nomadic tribes roaming the Tien Shan mountains. They developed many fascinating habits which are subject to our cultural presentations.

We invite you to experience our daily life and culture. The old traditions are alive in our everyday life and you can participate.

Traditional Kyrygz felt is used for almost everything the sheperds and farmers need for their daily live. The covering of their Yurts, the flooring with carpets, the cushions to sit, the headwear in summer and winter...

Experience 12th century Kyrgyz nomadic hunting as it once was, including horse and Golden Eagles.
Understand the heritage and skill to raising eagles, and the connection between the owner and these magnificent creatures.

Take opportunity to hold your own bird of prey for an exclusive photo to show your friends!

Craft your own keepsake souvenir during this workshop, working alongside a master Kyrgyz craftswoman.
Interface and learn from local artisans the symbolism represented by traditional designs, patterns, colors and more during this workshop.