Horse treks

Horses in Kyrgyzstan

For sure: The horse is a very important means of transportation in Kyrgyzstan. Out of town you will recognize that horses are on duty in daily life. Children growing up in villages and jailoos learn how to ride a horse a soon as they know how to walk.

We offer some tours on horse back that let you encouter this Kyrgyz way of life. Don't be afraid; even the horses spend all their life being free on the pastures they are easy to ride.

Experience key Naryn attractions including the Salkyn-Tor Gorge, Kozho Unkur Cave and Panoramic Views above the city – all in 1 Trek!

The route of the four Passes horseback riding tour takes us to the area of Tash Rabat, the caravanserai from the ancient days of the Silk Road.

Take a 5-day horse trek to the fabulous lake "Kel Suu" (Upcoming, stay tuned)

Discover the highest waterfall in Central Asia -- Shaar