Learn the secrets in making one of Kyrgyzstan’s tastiest and most colorful of dishes – laghman – from scratch.
Traditional meat or vegetarian options available.
Cook and Enjoy your very own laghman in this participative cooking class under guidance and instructions of local chef Chynara.

Enjoy Kyrgyz hospitality in a domestic setting with yurt and views into nearby mountains, with your host to entertain with commentary and stories of local folklore and culture.


Anyone visiting Krygyzstan quickly understands the importance of food to Kyrgyz culture. And the extreme diversity across even local cuisines and offerings by region. Naryn is no different, and local cuisine here has been influenced over centuries by the many ethnicities that now are mixed amongst local society.

The Uighur people stemmed from China, and a primary dish that is directly attributed to them is one of Kyrgyzstan’s most famous dishes – laghman. This workshop will provide explanation and context surrounding this dish, will allow participants to cook the dish themselves with a local guide in a local homestay, and most importantly to enjoy a delicious serving of this Naryn staple while being entertained with local stories of Naryn and the region!

You will get a recipe card so that you'll have all information at hand when you will invite friends and relatives when you're back home.


Theme: Cooking laghman from scratch
Duration: 2 hours
Type: Cooking class with background information
Schedule: Upon reservation.
Minimum number
of participants:
5 people
Location: Local homestay


Price per person: 500 KGS

Price includes

The transportation from CBT Naryn Office to homestay.
Starts and ends at the same spot.

Laghman workshop related ingredients;
Laghman tasting, bread, salad, fruits and tea;

Guide services
English and Russian.

Some local stories of Naryn and the region.

Not included in the price

  • Deserts
  • Water
  • Alcoholic beverages

What you have to bring

  • Be hungry!
  • Laghman is a full dish that consists of meat, noodles and some broth and served with snacks and tea.

Please avoid alcohol during cooking class due to cultural reasons


Video by:@celiinesimon Je Papote -- Click on the image for video at Youtube (external link)

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