Food Tours

Kyrgyz food is the expression of our hospitality

There are many delicious dishes in Kyrgyzstan. From the many different ethnicities a very varied cuisine comes together.

Whether from the Dungan, the Russians or the Turkic peoples: they all taste good.

Authentic Kyrgyz Beshbarmak Cooking Class.
Participate in this cooking class to prepare and enjoy one of Naryn’s most popular dishes – Beshbarmak, otherwise known as "5 Fingers" and understand elements of Kyrgyz nomadic cooking, popular dishes and their importance to tradition and culture.

Make your own boorsok from scratch, the most popular Kyrgyz bread that stands for hospitality.
Understand the significance and symbolism of this square shaped bread – boorsok – to Kyrgyz culture, and learn why it is offered in every Kyrgyz household.

Learn the secrets in making one of Kyrgyzstan’s tastiest and most colorful of dishes – laghman – from scratch.
Traditional meat or vegetarian options available.
Cook and Enjoy your very own laghman in this participative cooking class under guidance and instructions of local chef Chynara.