In a valley, away from busy life, lies the ancient caravanserai Tash Rabat (Kyrg.: Таш Рабат). Scholars are not fully sure about the origins of the building but it is likely to be a 'guesthouse' on the Silk Road, serving caravans passing the mountains to nearby China. Others say it was a Nestorian Monestary from the early times of Christianity in the 9th century. May be it was Buddhist...

What to see

The building as it appears nowadays has been restored in Soviet times. It is located in the Tien Shan mountains at a height of 3,200 m. 31 rooms are arranged around one central hall with a dome. The structure dosn't has windows; only a small opening is in the dome, letting out the fire's smoke .

The building is built from crushed stone on clay mortar. It's architectural prototype resembles other Islamic buildings. Maybe this is triggered by the dome and the pointed arch serving as main entrance. Tash Rabat is a museum whose only piece of exhibition is itself.

Around Tash Rabat there is a flock of some yurts were the museum's caretaker and his familiy are living. If you decide to stay over night you may use the services of these host families. Beside seeing the building complex itself, this places offers opportunities for hiking or horse riding.

Tour Price

For prices please visit us in our Naryn office


(Round trip):
2x 110 kilometers
Duration Two days; 5 hours by car
Type Transport by car, visit of Tash Rabat building and little walk in the valley (self guided)
Altitude 2,050 m (Naryn) - 2,980 m (Sabyrbeks yurt camp)
Season May till October
Difficulty Low

The schedule

This is at least a full day trip from Naryn; about 110 km from Naryn on the street to the Torugart pass. On your way you may visit Koshoi Korgon, the fortress from the Kyrgyz-Mongol wars.

A full day extension is a hike Tash Rabat to Chatyr Kol Tash Rabat to Chatyr Kol lake , a place belonging to the World Nature Heritage. This hike may be done self-guided; or may make use of our guide service.

Tash Rabat does not belong to the border zone; hence, no special permit is neccessary. To hike to Chatyr Kol lake a special Border Zone permit is neccessary. Please ask our office.

Our services

Transportation: As an excursion from Naryn or on your way to Torugart you may use our transportation service.

Yurt stay: If you stay over night we offer hospitality in our yurts at Tash Rabat.

Food: We offer lunch and dinner prepared according traditional recipes.

Hiking: For hiking around Tash Rabat you may ask us for guides.

What you have to bring

  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Appropriate trekking shoes
  • Rainjacket and/or light windbreaker
  • Hat
Driving by car from Naryn to Tash Rabat takes around xx hours.

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