Border Zone Permit for accessing destinations nearby the Chinese border

Some of our tour destinations are within the Kyrygz Border Zone. To go over there requires a Border Zone Permit which is issued by the Kyrgyz authorities.

The Border Zone is a strip of about 50km established along the Kyrgyz-Chinese Border. This zone is home to some of the most beautiful destinations and national parks. For example the endemic lake Chatyr Kol or the fascinating Kel Suu.


We offer you to obtain the necessary access permits. Usually, the permit will be valid for 4 weeks.

Give us one week to process your permit.

  • The price for a single-region permit is 20.00 EUR.
  • Express processing of Naryn permit please add 10.00 EUR.
    Processing within 48 hours from Monday to Friday but NOT weekend, Naryn region only.
    (i.e. if you order on Friday you will receive on Tuesday)
  • For all three regions the price is 30.00 EUR.

Please note that the permit is a physical piece of paper which has to be carried in original (Stamps and signatures).

In case you take a permit for Naryn only you will get it in Naryn in the CBT office. If you choose a multizone permit the handover is in our guesthouse in Bishkek.

Zones with border restrictions

How to order

We need a scan or photo of the picture page of your passport. If you are traveling as a group we need everybodies passport scan. You can send the scans to us by WhatsApp or by e-mail.

We further need to know the desired start date of your border zone permit. Please keep in mind that it takes one week to prepare them. Only for Naryn we can accelerate by using the express option which takes two working days.

We need your payment in advance. You can use PayPal.

Pay total amount;

  • 20 Euro per person for Naryn area
  • 30 Euro per person for Naryn area Express handling
  • 30 Euro per person for Osh, Naryn and Issyk Kol area

Please note: Using PayPal without a PayPal account takes some days to be visible to us.

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