Border Zone Permit for accessing destinations nearby the Chinese border

Some of our tour destinations are within the Kyrygz Border Zone. To go over there requires a Border Zone Permit which is issued by the Kyrgyz authorities.

The Border Zone is a strip of about 50km established along the Kyrgyz-Chinese Border. This zone is home to some of the most beautiful destinations and national parks. For example the endemic lake Chatyr Kol or the fascinating Kel Suu.


We offer you to obtain the necessary access permits. Usually, the permit will be valid for 4 weeks.

Give us one week to process your permit.

  • The price for a single-region permit is 1560 KGS (~ 20,00 EUR).
  • For all three regions the price is 2340 KGS (~ 30,00 EUR).
  • Please indicate which region (Issyk Kol, Naryn, Osh) you need.
  • Express processing (within 48 hours; NOT weekend, Naryn region only) of permit please add 780 KGS (~ 10,00 EUR).

Please note that the permit is a physical piece of paper which has to be carried in original (Stamps and signatures). You have to pick up the permit in Naryn at the CBT office or we send it to your hotel / guesthouse in Bishkek.

Issyk-Kul region

  • Karkyra valley
  • Echikilitash (check point)
  • Enilchek town
  • Inylchek glacier
  • Karasay (check point)
  • Ak-Shyirak village
  • Sary-Jaz mountains range
  • Khan-Tengri National Park

Naryn region

  • Kel-Suu lake
  • Chatyr-Kol lake
  • Aksay valley
  • Arpa valley
  • Torugart (check point)

Osh region

  • Peak Lenin

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We need two working days for processing your permit.

We start upon receiving your payment.

Your permit will be valid for four weeks.

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