CBT means 'Community Based Tourism'; it is kind of a cooperative. Members of our community offer what is usefull for travellers.

As an organization connected to the people, one of our main goals is to let our guests having encounters with people doing their day-to-day business. No locked-in tourist resorts, no special arrangements, just real life. If you want you may share our life style.

How we are putting our services to work?

We simply do it by ourself.

  • Who has a car to give you a lift may become driver
  • Who knows the mountains may be a guide with CBT
  • Who likes to invite guests can be a host to you

CBT, that means that just ordinary people offer what they have to share. The community is giving the statutes to itself. That includes rules to assure quality, safety and reliability. The coordinator of a local CBT is elected from the local CBT members. He / she is acting in the name of the community members.

How do we assure quality?

Quality doesn't come by itself. To provide quality services we organize trainings to new members. We put rules on what shall be our standards. We listen what our guests have to tell us.
Our mission statement is focused to our guests well-being.

How we set our prices?

As a community we set our prices at the annual general meeting. We meet before the season starts; our prices are set for the current year and are binding for all community members.
That means our prices are not subject to negotiations. You can have a look at our price table here or visit our office.

So, finally, are we a not-for-profit organization?

No, definitely not! We make our living from tourism business -- at least partly. The idea of CBT was brought to Kyrgyzstan by the Swiss development agency Helvetas in order to allow people in rural Kyrygsztan and remote areas to take a share in the tourist business.
Unlike big tourism companies, the revenue from our work remains with us.

Our service provider live nearby and are available for assistance of any kind. However, please be aware that English or other foreign languages are not standard among Kyrygz population. Sometimes it takes some fantasy to get around with your wishes.