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The trail follows the beautiful river that flows through Birinchi Mai. You can either hike directly from the village, or take a taxi to the described starting point, and skip some less-interesting scenery.


The trail climbs steadily, but is not too steep. There are many beautiful picnic spots along the trail, and you're never far from the river.

This easy day hike goes directly into the mountains from the village of Birinchi Mai (May Day). It's a beautiful hike that passes many yurt camps, where local families stay for the summer while their animals are in the high pastures.

If you're lucky, you may be invited into one of their yurts for a cup of tea or a glass of kumiss. The route starts a few kilometers outside of Birinchi Mai, but its certainly possible to hike directly from the village. The path continues much farther into the mountains too, so this could be made into a multi-day trek.



Distance (one way):2.46 kilometers
  GPS:41º8'22.1”N, 76º2'47.6”E
  Elevation:2,499 meters
  GPS:41º7'8.8”N, 76º2'42.7”E
  Elevation:2,707.5 meters
Total elevation gain (one way):208.5 meters
Total elevation loss (one way):0.27
Difficulty:2 (easy hike, some modest climbing).
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