Touren und Wanderungen

Steile Wege, sonnige Wiesen - Unsere Wanderwege warten auf Sie

Berge, schroff und steil oder sanft und schön laden zum Wandern ein. Es gibt alle Schwierigkeitsgrade und wunderbare Erlebnisse erwarten den Wanderer oder Bergsteiger auf allen Routen.

Sie können zwischen geführten Wanderungen wählen oder Ihren eigenen Weg gehen.

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May be this path was part of the ancient Silk Road? From Tash Rabat you may hike to the Panda Pass, crossing the height of the At Bashy mountain range and then follow the steep path down to the Chatyr Kol lake. It's a one day hike if you get a pick up by car close to the lake.

Eki Naryn yurt camp
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This hike starts at Akel's Yurt Camp, just over the second automobile bridge after (north) of the village of Eki Naryn. There are many jeep and trekking paths in the area, and they all lead to beautiful pastures.

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The trail follows the beautiful river that flows through Birinchi Mai. You can either hike directly from the village, or take a taxi to the described starting point, and skip some less-interesting scenery.

360° Panorama over Naryn from Ala Michuk
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Take a hike just in the vincinity of Naryn City. The triple peaks looming over Naryn invite for a day trip.

Salkyn Tor gorge
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Salkyn Tor is a national park located about 12 km. East of Naryn City. The entrance to the park is about 2 km. From the arch on the main road and there are toilets and picnic facilities near the entrance. A beautiful river runs the length of the park.